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When Will Enough Be Enough?

The Mental Health Message | By Dr. Porsha Dodson

I find myself constantly reflecting on the next move, next step, next goal, next best thing. I had to stop myself and ask when will enough be enough. This challenge isn't just for you, it's for all of us. As a therapist, I am not above introspection and the need for adjustment.. which is why I'm heavily engaged in my own therapy with a psychologist. So let's highlight some questions we can ask ourselves as we move into a season of new energy. The holiday season can bring on a lot more than we ever desire or can leave us feeling very unfulfilled. These questions and thoughts will put into perspective that you have enough, you are enough, you are doing enough, and without adding anything, you stand for enough.

When I'm feeling like taking on something new, is this a distraction from what I have on my plate today, or am I seeking validation in areas that I think go unrecognized?

When problems or issues arise, I look out to the world to solve my issue or rebuild me? Is my expectation that others need to fill my cup because I have yet to realize I need to look within?

Do I often feel resentful after volunteering to help or to support others because I'm not appreciated for my efforts? Are the things I'm doing for others really for me? Is this about my need to feel seen or my need to feel valued?

Have I stopped and taken inventory lately on where I am today? What has it taken to get to this place? Can I see the difference between where I was last year to where I am today? Have I given myself credit for where I am today? Why aren't these steps forward, no matter how few, seen as progress?

After answering some of the questions, I hope you can see what I'm getting at here. You don't need to add anything to your life to feel satisfied… you need to look within to figure out what's internally missing and start there. Accomplishments are great! Progress is amazing! But until we identify that itch inside of us that prevents us from ever feeling satisfied … nothing that you add will ever be enough. "I'll be happy when I lose weight," "I'll be happy when I meet someone," "I'll feel ok when I make more money" Let's be honest here. No, you will not. You will feel happy when you realize that happiness is not an achievement but satisfaction in knowing you have everything you need. You are enough.

Be well

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