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The Mental Health Message

January 2022


“The trouble is, you think you have time. “


By: Dr. Porsha Dodson

To think that on a regular basis I make decisions about what aspects of my health I should prioritize is kind of scary. I run around all day working on someone else’s dream and I spend all night trying to cram in the basics… cook, help with homework, clean and prepare for the next day. Throughout the day, I push off the things that I’ve set intentions for. Go for a walk. Eat a piece of fruit. Call my therapist back. Make a dentist appointment. There are so many things that come before my time for me… that when I get time for me I hardly know what to do with it.

That time usually is simple and includes me sitting in the same spot for some time trying to convince myself that I need rest so this is good.

The trouble is I think I have time.

I think I have time later to do all things.

I think I have time to get it together… to exercise, to eat right, to make my health a priority.

I think I have time to feel settled and accomplished

The trouble is I think I have time and the reality is the time is now. This is my life today. I’m living my memories. I'm choosing what’s important everyday. I don’t have time to not chase down my dreams and I don’t have time to not check up on my health … I don’t have time to waste. I need to take advantage of my time. This is my one life to live, not later, but now. I don’t have the time to think about what others want from me. What do I want now? How will I get there today? What parts of me are non negotiable?

It won’t fall all into place later…we are here now creating what now looks like. Yes! Planting the seeds today for tomorrow but without watering everyday we grow nothing in our garden. We feel empty. We recognize we poured all of our water over there and now… there’s nothing left for the soil. The trouble is I’m tired of not taking myself seriously while prioritizing everything else. My health is now. My emotional regulation is now. My happiness and peace is important now. Not in time but now.

Move today like you are the priority. Like you understand that the timer is not set. The next moment isn’t promised… so make it all count now.

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