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about dodson psych

Life can be overwhelming and challenging sometimes, and we have to remind ourselves that we are worth the time, space, and effort to focus on our mental health and overall well-being. Mental health issues can look different for everyone, and sometimes we feel powerless to combat the problems. Each of us has the ability to identify, set, and achieve goals related to our mental health, even when it seems impossible: sometimes, the most challenging step forward is the first one.

Dodson Psych Services understands that mental health eventually leads to health as a whole. When you are mentally well, you can focus on other aspects of your life that need your love and attention. We provide the opportunity for you to begin to explore what that means for you and your mental health as you embark on your journey.


We also understand that therapy for the BIPOC community has a stigma attached to it, and we would like to change that perspective through the services we provide.

who we serve

  • Minority Mental Health

  • Adolescent Mental Health

  • Individuals dealing with anxiety and depression.

  • Individuals dealing with chronic health issues.

  • Individuals dealing with loneliness, sadness and isolation.

  • Couples dealing with parenting, dating, and marital challenges

  • Individuals dealing with traumatic events in their life, past and present.

  • Individuals dealing with grief, sudden loss, and anticipated loss.

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