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Being a strong woman has always been glorified in our society. A pat on the back for how much you can juggle has somehow become a badge of honor. Well, let me be the first to say, we are TIRED. There is a significant difference between a “strong” woman and a woman of strength. A strong woman can be reactive, responding to each and every thing with force and no tact. A woman of strength knows time and place, balance, gentleness, when to use her strength and how. I aspire to be a woman of strength. A woman who knows how to best use her voice and her power in each situation. I no longer want to be “strong”, carrying things that don’t belong to me and being overworked and underappreciated. I want to lighten the load so that my divine feminine can be impactful, enlightening, meaningful and effective.

I want to check my response to disrespect. I want to release the desire to control everything. I want to be slow to anger and quick to understand. I want to be clear so that I can make sound decisions that I can be happy about. I no longer want to subscribe to being “strong”. That is too big a burden to bear. I want to know when I need help and not to be afraid to ask. I want to understand that real strength is having boundaries, holding a community mindset, forgiveness, kindness, thoughtfulness, intuitiveness and holding space for mistakes.

I hope that in your journey, you are constantly discovering and redefining yourself and that you may always know that you are deserving of all things that are meant for you. Here is permission to be a woman of strength...

Be well.

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