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Summertime with the K-I-D's

“Tiny humans need connection before correction.”

The Positive Message | By: Jamare Harris

It has been over a year that most of us have been in the house with our child(ren). Even though some of them have returned to school, it is still on an amended schedule and we’ve had to adjust to yet again a “new normal”. First, I want to applaud you parents. You have done an amazing job managing all of this while attempting to remain sane. It wasn’t easy. I hope that we all are discovering healthy ways to take care of ourselves as we continue on this journey. With summer time fast approaching, I wanted to provide you with some simple tips to keep your children busy and your summer stress free. I am totally a non-conventional parent and it has helped me to not be so hard on myself. Everything in life has to have balance to continue to have order… Does that make sense? So, together, let’s practice some letting go.

First, I say this all of the time, create a schedule for your children! Children thrive off of being a part of the plan. The motto in my house is “you do what you have to do so that you can do what you want to do”. Create jobs for your children (yes, they can do it). Work on how you respond to your child(ren) when they are not complying. Remember, they will do and say what you do and say. Be kind and firm.

Create a “messy” space for them that they are responsible for and that is out of your eyesight. Children will spend hours getting messy and it’s developmentally appropriate. I'm not against continuing schoolwork but keep it fun and brief! Have them read daily! This provides 20 minutes of quiet time each day. For your non-reader, have them look at the book and make up the story (super developmentally appropriate). Pack their lunch and snacks even if they are at home. This cuts down on them asking for something to eat a million times a day. Make time for special days, schedule it for your children and put it on a calendar. Finally, pay the money for the babysitter or day activities. Having time to recharge and be by yourself is mandatory for your mental health. Eight weeks…you can do it!

Until next time, stay positive, parents!

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