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Back to School Hustle!

Intelligence plus character-that is the true goal of education.” -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Positive Message | By: Jamare Harris

I know that we all may be in a rush to hand our kids over to school and schedules, but I want to challenge

you to not lose what we have developed and learned during this time. Your child’s first teacher will always be their home environment. Regardless of what they learn at school, you are who they trust the most and look to for life lessons which supersede classroom lessons.

Let’s pause and remember our experiences over the past year and a half. Peace gets lost in busy-ness, particularly for children because as parents, we don’t always consider their input nor their feelings. I totally understand that we all are returning to work while having to adjust. I get that. But I encourage you all to not forget how important time is. This pandemic has tragically taught us that we must slow down and enjoy life, now...not later.

Remember to create special time with your children now that they’re back at school. Whether it’s a nightly bedtime story, a planned monthly date or involving them in cooking dinner or making lunches. Don’t lose connection with your child(ren) now that they are back at school. Let home always be where they learn the most important lessons.

Until next time, stay positive, parents!

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